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HEllo, I'm
Nicolas Depierre

Fitness And Health Expert


I am a motivating personal trainer with proven expertise in health, fitness, and nutrition. Since 2014, I have built a reputation for my efforts and achievements in personal development and training—so much so that my clients range from individuals who have never exercised to professional athletes. As a NABBA Mr. Australia 2017 Champion, I have structured a lifestyle to remain at 6% body fat all year round and have future ambitions of competing on an international stage.

I have an enduring passion for deconstructing and innovating personal development and wellness systems. Likewise, I enjoy collaborating with, and imparting my knowledge to, other expert trainers. In these ways, I aim to broaden the impact of my work across communities, to influence others to adopt my methodologies, and ultimately, to transform the way people look at health and fitness in Australia.


My specialities include:

Mobility and stretching training

Improvement spinal health and hip mobility

Accelerated fat loss circuit training

Functional movement training

Centre of gravity and weight distribution training

Nutritional and dietary planning based on specific needs and goals


I am also guided and mentored by other experts in their field:

Physical Fitness & Nutrition:

  • Nutrition and Advanced Training Coach – Ben Cant
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach – Sebastian Oreb
  • Boxing Coach – Paul Fyfield

Martial Arts:

  • Judo Coach – Frank Dando
  • Zen Do Kai Karate Coach – Ziad Zakharia

Business, Entrepreneurship, & Self-Development:

  • Business Coach – Oriel Mendoza
  • Entrepreneurship Coach – Federico Re


In 2010 and at the age of 18, I became a personal trainer in pursuit of my dream to work in the health and fitness industry. Since then, I have taken my skills from my time in high-performance industries (such as offshore drilling) and have applied them to my more than 100-hour workweeks training clients and developing Nutrition Revolution.

In the past four years, I have successfully coached Melbourne’s directors, CEOs, and other executives. With a keen understanding of their goals as well as the benefits of proper health and fitness on overall quality of life and productivity, I equipped them with systems that produced lasting lifestyle changes rather than quick fixes.

In all the time I’ve spent in the health and fitness industry, I have helped people awaken their inner strength and power by nurturing passion and positive energy. Such work has catalyzed flourishing relationships, business ventures, and healthy, unshakeable self-images in their lives.


Dominic Cara

Accounting & Finance recruitment

As an occasional gym-goer, the thought of having a PT shouting into my face while exercising was the last thing I thought I would need when I decided to take my fitness regime more seriously. I was referred to Nicolas by another one of his clients who'd had great results, and had nothing but good things to say. So with some trepidation, I started working with Nic.

Six months on and the experience to date has been nothing short of fantastic. Not only have we achieved some great results, but the variety of workouts, dietary advice, and lack of shouting have been totally unexpected.

I'd highly recommend Nic, for anyone looking to work with a knowledgeable and passionate Personal Trainer who actually makes the whole process fun (who knew?).

Cyrus Prempeh

Rail Business Leader at Arup

There are times in your journey of bringing out the best in yourself when you hit a wall or you need a different approach, these are the exact moment when Nicholas insane enthusiasm and energy is needed.

Nicholas is not just a trainer he wants to understand what drives you to achieve your goal, keep in mind he does not give you a goal. He will understand your goal then devise the program to excel them. Fun times but always with a purpose. Good luck Nicholas.


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